So many things

So many things. So many things!

Whoa, take it easy. Not that many things.

In no particular order of importance:

Wait! I have a question. Is that ever actually true? I mean, that someone can list things without any subliminal preference ordering sneaking in? Surely something has to cause a person to place a thing in slot number one.

So, I begin again. In some particular order of importance that I’m not going to waste time figuring out:

  1. –There has been an update on the coffee front. In other words, there are some places I forgot to mention that deserve mentioning. Here are a couple.

Dunkin Donuts: Some people I know rave about DD. Especially their pumpkin coffee, which is NOT to be confused with a pumpkin spice latte (be grateful you didn’t learn that the hard way. Geesh, some people are so picky and persnickety about their coffee).

And, nothin’ like a DD iced coffee on a hot, steamy day. Except, of course, for a Starbucks iced coffee, which is eerily similar. How did they do that?

Illy Coffee: The little café on the first floor of The Renaissance Washington doesn’t exactly have an alluring ambiance, but the drinks are most certainly worthy of note (sounds much better than noteworthy, right? Irregardless of how you utilize it*)

–One could just go ahead and order this or this, and this. But be prepared to meet deliciousness, embodied (assuming you’re a brewmaster, which I’m sure you are).


2.–Is there an art to snacking? Why, I’m so glad you asked! I was just wondering the same thing.

Yes, I believe there is. Light snacks ought not to be taken darkly. Heavy snacks ought not to be taken lightly. Bad snacks ought not to be taken.

Now, don’t be deceived by how simple and straightforward the above statement is. And don’t worry. It is relevant. Good office snacks, and one’s ability to find them, have a frighteningly strong positive correlation to high productivity, positivity, and ultimately, success(ivity).

This is why, today, I purchased some delightful Annie’s Honey and Chocolate Halloween Bunny Grahams. Because Annie’s meets the following criteria:

Good ingredients. Nutritional benefits. Sweet and savory elements alike.

All packaged in adorable, harmless little bunnies.

Cases in point:

A: The Belgian approaches my desk, all glum and forlorn looking. I tell the Belgian to have a package of bunnies. The Belgian is skeptical. The skeptical Belgian tells me he’ll try some later, maybe.

Skepticism breeds skepticism in the unsuspecting, and I don’t think he’ll follow through. BUT.

The Belgian realizes he needs something and gives in.

The closing scene? Beautiful words float gracefully from a smiling Belgian over to my desk: “Those bunnies are really good. I like them.” Happiness abounds!

B: The bunnies are quite the head-turners. It goes something like this:

See the co-worker trudging along through the doldrums of the mid-afternoon energy desert, passing right by your desk.

Wait for it.

Aha. See the co-worker straighten up, look back, and “ohh! What are these?” (imagine all sorts of pitch changes here). Munch, munch, munch.

See the co-worker thrive in the land of honey and chocolate.

C: Yes, people have come back for seconds.


I seem to have forgotten what the “many” part of the many things was. Sorry.

*You didn’t think I was seriously using irregardless and utilize, did you?



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